Alex Ray Brown

Marketing Manager & Designer



Platform: Mobile

Challenge: Design an app that rewards users for completing projects and tasks.

Approach: User research | personas | site map | user journeys | wireframes | usability testing | high-fidelity prototype 

Solution: Reward integrates with your Amazon Wish List, allowing you to assign items in your Wish List as rewards for completing tasks.


Money Transfer App

Platform: Mobile

Challenge: Introduce a potential loyalty program to users. Additionally, propose solutions to reduce drop rate percentages for select screens of the app.

Approach: Research | Wireframes

Solution: Designed 4 wireframes introducing the loyalty program for new and existing users. Additionally, proposed wireframes with the goal of reducing drop rate percentages.


UIndy Dining

Project: Responsive website

Approach: User research | site map | user journeys | wireframes | usability testing

Challenge: Create a brand identity for the University of Indianapolis Dining Services and reduce the number of phone calls from customers requesting information.

Solution: Developed a responsive website using Squarespace with focus on the user’s experience with the site.


The Guiltless Garden

Project: Responsive Website

Challenge: Build a new site that is responsive, visually appealing, and user friendly.

Approach: Site map | user journeys | wireframes | usability testing | high-fidelity prototype 

Solution: Developed the new responsive Guiltless Garden website using Squarespace.


Rebranding Design Work


Print & Digital Signage