The Guiltless Garden

The Guiltless Garden offers a healthy alternative to regular guacamole called Guiltless Guac. Guiltless guac is a combination of avocado, vegetables, and beans. Lower calories and fat, increased nutrients, and same great taste in a half cup serving size. 4x the amount of regular guacamole.

The creators reached out to me to help redesign their website that they built on Wix.

Project: Responsive website

Approach: Site map | wireframes | usability testing | high-fidelity prototype using Squarespace

Duration: Eight weeks

The Problem

The Guiltless Garden’s website was poorly designed with broken links and insufficient information/details. The website was not truly responsive, causing certain features to be hidden or located off of the viewer’s screen.

The Solution

Create and launch the new Guiltless Garden website using Squarespace. Ensure the website is responsive, visually appealing, and improves the user’s journey throughout the site.


Old Website

Below are just a few notes taken when reviewing the old website.

Areas of improvement:

A banner promoting Wix website builder appeared on all pages of the website

Areas of improvement:

Website is not responsive so content and social icons appear hidden when screen is scaled different sizes

Areas of improvement:

The flavor profile page did not tell viewers the descriptions of the flavors. The images of the logos had the white space around them.


The main navigation on the old website had a pretty good layout for it’s sitemap so I didn’t have to do much.

We agreed it would be best to keep the site simple but allow multiple access points for the user to view the different profile flavors.

Wireframes & Usability Testing

Low-fidelity wireframes were created to give the clients a visual for the basic layout of the site. After reviewing these, the clients and I sat down to determine content, fonts, colors, and images.

Wire 6.jpg


Testing & Building the Site

The site took about three months to build. All usability testing was through Squarespace’s Preview mode. The Preview Mode allows the website builder to send a link to users, where they can review the site as it is being built.

I had five review sessions with the creators of the Guiltless Garden before launching the final site. During these sessions, we discussed visual specs, content, and the overall user experience.