Dominican University
Dining Services


Project Overview

Platform: Responsive website

Approach: User research | design lab | site map | user journeys | wireframes | usability testing

Challenge: Create a brand identity for the University of Indianapolis Dining Services and reduce the number of phone calls from customers requesting information.

Solution: Created a responsive website with focus on the UX of the University of Indianapolis Dining Service’s website.

Project Breakdown

Dominican University is nationally ranked as one of Illinois highest ranking small colleges located in River Forest, just thirty miles outside of Chicago. Although the University has seen a significant increase in enrolled students, their Dining Services has struggled to create a brand identity that told students and parents/guardians what the dining services had to offer.

A large chunk of the Dining Services staff’s time was answering calls and emails from customers wanting information on a variety of topics. The University asked that I create a responsive website based on other university dining services website. Below are the four main objectives for creating the website.

  • Create a website that competes with top competitors

  • Create content and graphics that are appealing and easily accessible

  • Reduce the number of phone calls from customers requesting information that can be found online

  • Created an online identity for the Dining Services

User Research

Competitive Analysis

I studied two top competitors whose dining services have strong online presences. Although, I am not a developer, I was able to create an exact match to the layout of their site, with a few extra features. From my research, I found that the top four things students and parents/guardians wanted a quick click to were menus, meal plans, Hours of Operations and allergens. With this information, I was able to put together a Feature Prioritization list.


I created a sitemap to visualize where each feature would live and how the site should be structured.


I created wireframes to help my client visualize where each feature would live and how the site should be structured.

DU- Home.jpg
DU- Maine Cafeteria.jpg
DU- Home2.jpg
Main Dining Hall.jpg