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Hi, I’m Alex

I'm passionate about taking key insights from research and translating them into user-centered solutions that align with business needs.

I currently work as a Marketing Manager, but quickly discovered I have a passion for design. Similar to therapy coloring books, I found myself releasing stress and anxiety when spending countless hours designing mock websites. Before you knew it, I had pretend businesses for an ecommerce clothing store and multiple restaurants and bars.

I thoroughly enjoy marketing but decided to explore opportunities to advance my creative skills.

My exploring led me to General Assembly where I enrolled in an accelerated UX Design course. The course equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and experience to transform into a UX/UI Designer. I learned a variety of frameworks and every step of the design process from discovery to building high-fidelity prototypes.

Since completing the course, I’ve developed solutions for web and mobile projects for my current employer and outside startups. This experience has given me specific skills in research, usability testing, creating wireframes and developing interactive prototypes. Having my hands in these UX/UI design tasks has taught me to truly understand the experience for a consumer from beginning to end.

I love UX/UI design because I enjoy the challenge of putting myself in users' shoes and creating the best possible experience for them. Today, my goal is to work with or be part of a UX design team.